Dear Mayme: You were amazing.  Thank you so much for an interesting, elegant and stimulating presentation.  I received so many wonderful comments from your audience. You made our evening a success and we appreciated your warmth and humour.

Thank you so very much for presenting your etiquette course to the students at McGill University, your alma mater. As part of our  life-skills conference, your three popular dining classes offered over 150 students insightful tips on manners and procedure necessary to succeed in the business world, in a fun and entertaining manner. The students particularly appreciated your added history lessons, life experience, and humour. Many of our international students, not yet completely comfortable with North American dining styles, particularly benefited from your expertise. A toast to you, Mayme!

…The history of table settings and manners you touched upon last night was absolutely riveting! On looking over the gathering, everyone was absorbed with the subject. …You are a very convincing and knowledgeable presenter and your sense of fun comes through as you act out the various "faux pas" table manner scenarios one occasionally witnesses. L'art de savoir vivre is precisely that - an art to be learned. Moreover, Mayme, you are a natural teacher! Thank you for an evening of sheer delight.           

Mayme…your incredible ideas and advice with regards to our décor and set-up really make this event special. Over the years you have brought new and fresh ideas to us, and have not only "made them happen" but have done so on a severely limited budget. This takes talent, creativity and dedication, and you truly possess all three. This year, the décor you designed, centerpieces, flowers and backdrop, all helped create the elegant, cheerful and festive atmosphere we were hoping for. Without your expertise, the Gala would not have been as marvelous as it was.

"Candidate’s who are lucky enough to have had the opportunity to take Mayme’s business dining etiquette training do appreciably better in interviews over a meal. I would recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in this tricky situation."

“We have incredibly high standards when we entertain. We are fortunate to have found the equally discriminating standards with Intimate Settings.  Their attention to detail was incredible. I can’t say enough about their professionalism and good humour."

"Just to say thank-you for all your hard work organising my husband’s 60th birthday party.  Everything went beautifully and you did a much better job than I could have ever done myself. It also took away much of the stress I was under, which, since my work load is still so heavy, is very important! I was incredibly impressed by your efficiency, attention to detail and creativity."

"Congratulations on doing such a great job for us. Your promise of a  hassle-free dinner party was  on the mark - well planned, well organized -professional all the way.. Rest assured that  next time that we will have a celebration that need organization, I will not think twice about asking for your help. Thank you. A job well done!"