Dining Etiquette Advisor

“The world was my oyster but I used the wrong fork”
                                                                      - Oscar Wilde.    

Intimate Settings is aware that with knowledge comes self-assurance. It is our goal to ensure that, after attending our classes, you are at ease - whether you are the host or the guest. You will have all the tools you need to face any dining situation with self-confidence and poise.

Be it a social or a business meal, table manners do count. They are designed to keep us from offending one another with unappetizing behavior. While poor dining etiquette is a turn off amongst friends, it can spell disaster with business associates. More than 70% of business discussions occur while out to lunch or dinner. Professional polish is constantly being scrutinized, and a shared meal is the ideal time to do so.  Your ability to follow simple rules of etiquette in business dining situations can advance your career, secure that new job, close a deal, increase your sales, and get you that position.

A few of the questions that are answered in the workshops:

  • Do you know if your bread plate is on the right or left of your setting?
  • In which direction do you pass the bread basket?  How do you pass the salt and pepper?
  • How long must you hold up dinner for a tardy guest?
  • What should you never order at a business meal?

Our popular workshops on entertaining etiquette and dining etiquette are down -to-earth informative. Participants are equipped with all the unspoken signals that say, “I know what I’m doing.”