Corporate Entertaining

Meals and Deals

Because conducting business while dining is a standard practice, and because the host typically controls the meeting, dining in your premises or a location of your choosing is to your advantage. We help make that possible. Whether the meal is in a private dining room, your private office, or your boardroom, remember that environment and setting make an important statement about your company. Styrofoam and paper say one thing, china and linen another.

Intimate Settings can maximize your strengths by creating a dining ambiance conducive to discreet, focused conversation, while reinforcing the professional image you wish to project. For more than ten years,  Intimate Settings has offered the perfect combination of coordination, creativity, and concierge finesse to discriminating individuals, corporations and organizations.

We can arrange  the meal, service staff, linens, china and flowers to create the perfect setting. Our planning and execution of the event  has made the difference for the successful conclusion to many corporate meetings. 

Intimate Settings has built it solid reputation - in style and on budget.